Since late in 2021 our president removed all Covid-19 restriction to enter and travel in El Salvador. That said we do ask that all clients have their vaccinations and that they respect the locals here who generally wear masks, keep their distance and take your temperature when entering businesses. We are a little flexible and do work with those who are not vaccinated for Covid-19 but do require knowing in advance so that our drivers, guides and partners can take extra precautions to assure their safety. We also ask that those not vaccinated keep their reasons for not receiving vaccinations to themselves. Those travelers not vaccinated will be required to wear masks at all times while in vehicles as well as inside buildings or in close distance with others.

For those clients traveling to other countries in Central America or flying back to the US it is now fairly easy to get your required antigen test and currently negative tests are only required to enter Guatemala (antigen test with less than 72 hours from testing), Nicaragua which requires a full pcr-rt test and the US which requires a negative test the day prior to boarding your flight home (this is different than 24 hours). 

Tours and Pricing

Local Tours in and around Suchitoto

  • Suchitoto Pupusa Making Classes - $20/person no minimum and a maximum of 4
  • Half and fulñl day cooking classes - $125/person no minimun and maximun of 4
  • Suchitoto City walking tour - $25/person with three person minimum group size
  • Premium Suchitoto City Walking Tour with Roberto El Gringo $150.00, 1 to 3 persons, $50/person for larger groups
  • Los Tercios Waterfall - $15/person minimum group of 3
  • Boat tour on Lake Suchitlan - $50/person minimum group of 3, $25/person for groups over 5
  • Indigo Dying in Suchitoto with women’s association $20-$35/person maximum group of 6
  • Hacienda and Indigo Dying tour ½ day from $55/person with cotton scarf, minimum of 3 required
  • Cihuatan Rum tasting tour-$50/person minimum of 5 maximum of 10
  • Birding on Lake Suchitlan - $50/person, minimum of 3
  • Full day tour in Suchitoto (Boat tour, City Tour and Los Tercios) $55/person minimum group of 3
  • Cinquera Civil war Tour (Hike, Iguana farm, Museum and town) $55/person minimum group of 3
  • Guazapa civil war hike 4-6 hours $50/person minimum group of 3
  • Guazapa civil war on horse 4-6 hours $55/person minimum of 3
  • Cinquera city tour, Ilobasco and San Sebastian $175 for 1, $225 for 2 and $250 for 3
  • Cihuatan-La Palma $175 for 1, $225 for 2 and $250 for 3

Full Day and in route tours around El Salvador

The majority of our full day tours have fixed prices; these are $175 for 1, $225 for 2 and $250 for 3

For larger groups prices  will range from $60-$90/person.

  • San Salvador city tour
  • Ruta de Flores
  • Mayan sites
  • Volcanos and Lake Coatepeque
  • Birding

Please drop us an email so we can help you plan and cost out your trip to El Salvador.

Cerro Verde National Park The Cerro Verde Volcano is located about 1 hour west of San Salvador and is part of the Volcano Complex National Park which includes areas of the Izalco and Santa Ana Volcanos as well as the mentioned Cerro Verde which is...
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One of our more popular tours for those staying in Suchitoto! Cinquera-Civil war and eco tour The neighboring town of Cinquera with its sub-tropical eco forest makes a good option to combine the history of the recent civil war and local wildlife...
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Lake and bird island boat tour Our lake tour includes transportation to the port of San Juan, a short tour of tourist center on the lake with some time to visit the handicraft shops and see local art. We will then get on board a small motor boat to...
INDIGO TOUR Hacienda Los Nacimientos-Organic Indigo Farm and Dyeing tour We can only offer this tour with 2 weeks notice as the coordination with the Hacienda does take time to offer the quality tour we provide. This tour can be done from Suchitoto...