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Pupusa Making Classes - $15/person no minimum and a maximum of 4

Suchitoto City walking tour - $25/person with no minimum group size, $20/person for groups over 5

Los Tercios Waterfall - $15/person minimum group of 3, $10/person for groups over 5

Boat tour on Lake Suchitlan - $50/person minimum group of 3, $25/person for groups over 5

Indigo Dying in Suchitoto with women’s association $20-$35/person maximum group of 6

Hacienda and Indigo Dying tour ½ day from $50/person with scarf minimum of 3 required

Cihuatan Rum tasting tour-$50/person minimum of 3 maximum of 6

Birding on Lake Suchitlan - $50/person, minimum of 3

Full day tour in Suchitoto (Boat tour, City Tour and Los Tercios) $55/person minimum group of 3

Cinquera Civil war Tour (Hike, Iguana farm, Museum and town) $50/person minimum group of 3

Guazapa civil war hike 4-6 hours $45/person minimum group of 3

Guazapa civil war on horse 4-6 hours $55/person minimum of 3

Cinquera city tour, Ilobasco and San Sebastian $175 for 1 o 2, $225 for 3 or 4

Cihuatan-La Palma $175 for 1 o 2, $225 for 3 or 4

Full Day and in route tours around El Salvador

The majority of our full day tours have fixed prices; these are $175 for 1 or 2, $225 for 2 or 3 and from $60-$90/person for groups of 5 or more. Please drop us an email so we can help you plan and cost out your trip to El Salvador.

We founded Gringo Tours in 2007 after working with the local Tourism association here in Suchitoto. My wife Tita and I, Roberto “El Gringo” have been living in Suchitoto since 2000, Tita being originally from the western part of El Salvador and I am from the SF Bay Area in northern California. Back when it all started we had no idea or desire to start a tour company but today we consider our tours to be some of the best in the country as we build into each tour, local communities and partners so that your money ends up helping many more than just our family income.

Photo Gallery Gringo Tours at work

Our small tour company "Gringo Tours" has been providing personalized tours and travel options for travelers from around the world. We work closely with each client making it easy to design the perfect El Salvador experience. We now offer English, French and Spanish speaking guides; just let us know your language of preference.

Gringo tours has been providing high quality, personalized tours in and around El Salvador and the neighboring countries of Guatemala (Antigua, Esquipulas Lake Atitlan) and Honduras (Copan Ruins) since 2007. We specialize in rural, eco, agro, birding and what I refer to as alternative tourism, believing that if you have made the decision to come to El Salvador you are not the everyday traveler and are looking for a different and unique experience.

Although we offer some of the more common fixed tours like all the other larger tour companies in El Salvador we only do this to give you an idea of what El Salvador has to offer, each of our tours are we customized to fit your needs and interests. So if you want to experience, what I call "the Other El Salvador" give Gringo Tours a try.

If you need more information about our services, travel in El Salvador or ideas of what to do and see here, feel free to contact us. Our goal is to make your visit to El Salvador the best it can be. Remember here at Gringo Tours we can plan your entire stay, from airport pickup to hotel reservations, or you might just use our services for one of our half day tours around Suchitoto. Since 2005 we have been providing unbiased trip and itinerary planning free of charge, our hopes of course are that you contract us for some of your services but we have helped hundreds of people with just information and recommendations knowing that not everyone needs or wants to use a Tour Company/Guide/Drivers. This service again is totally free so if you are not sure if El Salvador is for you or if you need information about local activities, transportation, lodging, customs, etc. just drop us a note and we will be sure to help.

Whatever your needs be, we are here to make your stay in El Salvador an experience of a lifetime. Pricing for all of our full day tours include, transportation in modern and comfortable vehicles with responsible, safe and courteous drivers, fully bilingual guides (we now offer French, English and Spanish speaking local guides ), entrance fees to national parks, archaeological sites, and museums, expense of local guides and bottled water. Not included in the cost of our tours are meals (in most cases), snacks, lodging, specialized activities like diving, zip lines, buggy tours, specialized boat tours and optional tips to local guides. Our full day tour rates start at $175 and for groups of 4 or more range from $65-$90/person. Local tours in and around Suchitoto start at only $25 for our city tour and go up to $150 this for the 5-7 hour tours to Cinquera or Guazapa. Half day birding tours start at $100 and full day birding tours average around $250.

We also work with many local guides and can offer low cost options for walking tours to Los Tercios and El Cubo waterfalls. These tours with young local guides start at only $15 and can be arranged at any time with 1-2 days advance notice. Other tours with local guides in other parts of the country are available so please ask if you have a special interest.

One of our more popular tours in Suchitoto are our pupusas making and cooking classes which start at $15/person and can be scheduled for most days at 11 am or 4 pm.

For more information call locally (503) 7860-9435 or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you are already in Suchitoto stop by our office/home. We are located behind the Centro Arte para la Paz on Octava Avenida Norte #9, Look for the Dark Blue House!

At Gringo tours, we offer a full day tour with visits to three of the five main archaeological sites, which sites you choose is up to you but the tour we sell most includes what most consider the most relative and representative Mayan sites in El...
We offer a full day tour of this mountainous coffee producing area, with visits to Nahuizalco, Salcoatitán, Juayua, Apaneca and Concepcion de Ataco. The exact cities and activities will depend on each client’s interests and desires. {loadmodule...
The capital San Salvador has loads to offer, if you only have short time then you will have to help us decide what you really want to see in the city. Remember we have been doing this for over 10 years so we do have an idea of what the majority of...
One of our more popular tours for those staying in Suchitoto! Cinquera-Civil war and eco tour The neighboring town of Cinquera with its sub-tropical eco forest makes a good option to combine the history of the recent civil war and local wildlife...
For those wanting to explore the highest parts of El Salvador a different option includes heading up to the highlands of Chalatenango. Just getting to the area is an adventure with the 11 kms drive up the concrete road from San Ignacio to Rio...
Full day tour in and around Suchitoto If you would like to spend a full day in Suchitoto we recommend you combine our Lake Tour, City tour and Los Tercios waterfall tour.{loadmodule mod_sigplus,Photo Gallery Cerron Grande} We recommend that you get...
Lake and bird island boat tour Our lake tour includes transportation to the port of San Juan, a short tour of tourist center on the lake with some time to visit the handicraft shops and see local art. We will then get on board a small motor boat to...
Hacienda Los Nacimientos-Organic Indigo Farm and Dyeing tour We can only offer this tour with 2 weeks notice as the coordination with the Hacienda does take time to offer the quality tour we provide. This tour can be done from Suchitoto (easiest)...
Our bilingual walking tour of Suchitoto will let you explore the towns many galleries, shops, hotels, restaurants, parks, social organizations and historical buildings. Depending on your interests we can inlcude the Museum of Alejandro Cotto, women...