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Comments from some of our past clients:

Jan L. (USA)
"My husband and I flew in to San Salvador and wanted a ride to Suchitoto. We researched several drivers and El Gringo was the cheapest. He had someone meet us at the airport and drive us there. Robert even came to greet us at our hotel on Christmas Day! He drove us to several different towns during the week, also. It was very nice to have someone explain things to us in English. He is very knowledgable about the area and knows all of the local people."

Daniel G. (Canada)
"Should you ever find yourself in the lovely little town of Suchitoto, El Salvador ask around for 'Roberto - El Gringo.' Roberto has planted himself in this wonderful place, operates a yummy Mexican restaurant and also offers his services as a tour guide (with vehicle) should you wish to explore . I utilized his expertise on 2 occasions and was very pleased with his help and knowledge. I got a lot of nice snaps thanks to him."
Daniel is a freelance photographer, see some of his work at DanielTV or some of the photos he took while in El Salvador here.

Tom B. (USA)
We enjoyed our time in and around Suchitoto with Robert. We look forward to being able to return.
He is very familiar with the area, the people and local history and very willing to share the information with his guests.
Mr. Broz-Moran offers excellent, individualized advice, plans exactly what you ask and is very attentive while you are with him.

"I went on a daytrip with Robert and his nice wife and had such a great day, where we went to see some of the ruins of El Salvador and it was really a nice experience.
I can certainly recommend this travel agency, its personal and friendly. You should also try the very delicious food in their restaurant. Suchitoto is a cute and peaceful little place with very friendly people.
Anette Lillevang Kristiansen, Denmark (visitor in feb. 08) See Photos

“Early September ’08 we landed at San Salvador airport and headed straight to Suchitoto which turned out to be a perfect introduction to El Salvador. I met Robert online while looking for a transport from SAL to Suchitoto – one of the locals posted an ad on Robert’s website and we were his first customers ;)  
Robert was very supportive and helpful from the start and provided a lot of useful information – he is truly passionate about El Salvador in general and Suchitoto in particular. It is also very clear that he does a lot for the local communities.
We ate at El Gringo restaurant and indeed the pupusas were excellent ;) We also checked the mini hostel (at the back of the restaurant) just about to be opened, which has everything the average backpacker is looking for – i.e. clean, safe, laid back and affordable. Plus the “tourist information” you get from Robert is excellent.
Sadly we didn’t have too much time in total to spend in El Salvador – we met a couple of nice Italians, who were “in a hurry” like us. We went for a one day trip together to Ruta de las Flores with Robert being our guide. We had a great day; saw a lot of places (including the remote volcano crater and the colourful local towns and villages) and heard some interesting stories about the country & people. There is no way we could do all that in such a short period of time relying on the local transport and the Lonely Planet (as we usually do).
Robert – I hope your business will grow and that more and more people will be encouraged to visit El Salvador owing to its dedicated people like you. It is a wonderful country, but sadly with the reputation of being “dangerous”. We met a lot of people in other Central American countries who decided to give El Salvador a miss for that reason – and it is a massive shame (I didn’t feel endangered at all!).
All the very best and we’ll see you next time ;))
Anna Garus (Poland) & Ian Stubley (UK)“ See Photos

"We began planning a trip to from the USA to El Salvador with adventure
travel in mind. Finding a reliable guide proved to be one of the more
difficult tasks. After contacting several potential guides, we decided
to hire Robert of "El Gringo Tours". From the moment he picked us up in
his four wheel drive at San Salvador airport he had a friendly
professional demeanor that put us at ease. Amazingly, Robert knew
almost everyone we encountered in El Salvador and he was obviously
respected as a result of the years of community service and charity that
his family has been involved in. From the mountains of La Palma, to the
festivals of Juayua... from the night life of Suchitoto, to the
guerrilla museums in Perquin... we were in constant friendly contact
with the local communities. If you are traveling through El Salvador,
your journey will be enhanced by giving Robert a call. If you do, say
hello to his wonderful wife for me... they invited us into their life
and were very generous with the Tequila." - Jamison D. USA

This past summer, we had a fantastic time learning to make pupusas in Suchitoto, El Salvador. When we arrived, Tita, the pupusa-making teacher was very busy with an event she was catering, but she made time to teach us. (Advice: make a reservation!) Four of us took the class, two adults, one 14 year old, and one 8 year old. We got to use a huge variety of ingredients, including some I had never seen or tasted before, like loroco. Tita is a fantastic teacher because she included all four of us, kept us really busy, and made sure that each one of us participated as much as possible. After about 45 minutes, we popped our pupusas onto the grill, and ate them shortly thereafter with El Salvadorean cole slaw, salsa, and I had a Coca-Cola!
Thanks for the fantastic class,
Ingrid, Corrina, Isabella, and Christine

Our biggest regret in visiting Suchitoto is not staying there longer. Robert and his lovely wife showed us such an amazing time. First off, Robert is a wealth of information about the town, its history and surroundings. The day before our tour with him, he gave us a rundown of the town’s artisan shops, recommendations on where to eat, and other information on how to get around on our own. Suchitoto is brimming with art galleries and youth art projects. Because Robert is so involved in the community, he was able to tell us about the galleries and their projects. The next day, we opted for the Cinquera tour because we were interested in learning about the civil war and modern political structure. He even introduced us to a guerilla fighter in the war. That evening, his wife taught us how to make pupusas at their restaurant. The entire experience was a blast, and he completely customized his services for us. If you make it to Suchitoto, you have to stop by and see him. Just ask at your hotel for Robert the Gringo, and they’ll likely have him on their speed dial.

Stephanie Flores and Joel Lackner
January 2010
Sacramento, Calif. USA

Drew M.-Article from recent combined birding-culture tour. April 2013








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Lake tour and bird reserve Los Tercios  Birding Tours Cinquera  Exploring Guazapa Artisan trail  Cihuatan-La Palma- Chalatenango
The flower Trail Mayan ruins
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Here at Gringo tours we provide high quality, personalized tours in and around El Salvador and the neighboring countries of Guatemala (Antigua, Esquipulas Lake Atitlan) and Honduras (Copan Ruins). We specialize in rural, eco, agro, birding and what I refer to as alternative tourism, believing that if you have made the decision to come to El Salvador you are not the everyday traveler and are looking for a different and unique experience. Although we offer some of the more common fixed tours like all the other larger tour companies in El Salvador we only do this to give you an idea of what El Salvador has to offer, each of our tours are customized to fit the needs and interests of each of our clients. If you want to experience, what I call "the real El Salvador" give Gringo tours a try and if you want to do what everybody else does we will be more than happy to refer you to one of the many larger and in many cases less expensive tour companies that provide good but very standardized tours around El Salvador. If you need more information about our services, travel in El Salvador or ideas of what to do and see here feel free to contact us. Our goal is to make your visit to El Salvador the best it can be. Remember here at Gringo Tours we can plan your entire stay, from airport pickup to hotel reservations, but if don’t like to plan everything out in advance you might use our services for just a half day tour around Suchitoto or to learn how to make pupusas here with us at home. Whatever your needs be, we are here to make your stay in El Salvador an experience of a lifetime. Pricing for all of our full day tours include, transportation in modern and comfortable vehicles with responsible, safe and courteous drivers, fully bilingual guides (we now offer French, English and Spanish speaking guides), entrance fees to national parks, archeological sites, and museums, expense of local guides and bottled water. Not included in the cost of our tours are meals (in most cases), snacks, lodging, specialized activities like diving, zip lines, buggy tours, specialized boat tours and optional tips to local guides. Our full day tour rates start at $175 and for groups of 4 or more range from $65-$100/person. Local tours in and around Suchitoto start at only $50 for our city tour and go up to $150 this for the Cinquera or Guazapa civil war history tours. We now are working with some local guides and can offer low cost options for walking tours to Los Tercios and El Cubo waterfalls .These tours with young local guides start at only $15 and can be arranged at any time with 1-2 days advance notice. Other tours with local guides are available so please ask if you have a special interest. We offer pupusas making and cooking classes which start at $15/person. We can make all your arrangements or just plan a day or two of tours, just let us know. Top

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Top Pupusas making Suchitoto city tour 
Lake tour and bird reserve Los Tercios  Birding Tours Cinquera  Exploring Guazapa Artisan trail  Cihuatan-La Palma- Chalatenango
The flower Trail Mayan ruins
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Local tours in and around Suchitoto

Learn how to make pupusas and tortillas
If you have been in El Salvador for more than a day you most likely have tried the national dish, Pupusas. Now learn how they are made, most of the ingredients can be found around the world so if you want to make your own pupusas when you get home, don’t miss this hands-on experience. You will also have the chance to make tortillas, somewhat easier than making pupusas but still a challenge for the novice.
Reservations for groups of any size can be arranged, remember we don’t just show you how to make pupusas but we let you prepare your own with the ingredients that you want. Our pupusas classes lets you prepare up to 3 gourmet or standard pupusas of rice or corn dough, included in the low price, a beverage and small portion of our home made chips and salsa. Available beverage options include national beer, sodas, bottled water, coffee, tea or one of our famous fruit smoothies. Rates: We charge $15/person which includes your 3 gourmet pupusas and one beverage. Time: About 30-45 minutes for groups of 1 to 3 people. Top

If you are interested in more than pupusas we can develop half and full day cooking sessions and teach you about local flavors and ingredients. Cooking classes can be arranged for with variable menus of Salvadoran typical dishes and appetizers. Please ask about prices and we do try to limit these classes to a maximum of 3 participants. Prices for 4 hour cooking classes start at $125 this for groups of 1-3. Top

Suchitoto city tour
Our bilingual walking tour of Suchitoto will let you explore the towns many galleries, shops, hotels, restaurants, parks, social organizations and historical buildings. This tour is best when done in the morning or late afternoon as the hot mid-day sun and walking on the cobblestone streets will tire even the most experienced travelers. This 2 to 3 hour tour of Suchitoto costs $25/person with no minimum group size, we do offer discounts for groups of 3 or more. Top

Lake and bird island boat tour
Our lake tour includes transportation to the port of San Juan, a short tour of tourist center on the lake with some time to visit the handicraft shops and see local art. We will then get on board a small motor boat to enjoy a relaxing ride on Lake Suchitlan, El Salvador's largest lake. The boat ride lasts about one hour boat ride, including a slow trip around Bird Island (Isla de Los Pájaros) a natural bird reserve where many varieties of migratory water birds nest. After the boat ride you will have a chance to have a drink, snack or lunch at one of the many restaurants at the tourist center (cost not included in tour), then transportation back to the main plaza or your hotel or hostel. The full tour lasts around one and a half to three hours and includes a fully bilingual guide, price of tour covers transportation, entrance fees and boat tour. Cost: $50/person with a minimum group of 3(Minimum cost of $150), we do offer discounts for groups of 3 or more. There is 10 person maximum per boat. Top

Los Tercios by car
A ten-minute drive by car to the well-known >waterfall Los Tercios, best visited in the early morning or late afternoon. Join Roberto El Gringo or one of our other bilingual local guides , for the drive and walk down to the base of this unusual geodesic rock formation beautiful in the rainy season but equally impressive without water in the dry season. Then relax and take panoramic photos of the lake from the look out. If you are into adventure, you can free climb the waterfall during the dry season. The tour to Los Tercios last from 30 to 90 minutes. Tour is available for groups of 1 to 10 persons, and costs only $15.00/person with a minimum group of 3(Minimum cost of $45), we do offer discounts for groups of 5 or more. We can also arrange with local guides for a minimu of $15 this for 1-3 people then $5/person if more, it is necesary to let us know the day before you want to go and then we can arrange for the guide to meet you at the MiTur office at 9:00am Top

FYIa visit to Los Tercios can many times be arranged free of charge by speaking to the tourist police. The police normally will make one trip a day generally around 3 pm. If you are happy with how our local police feel free to invite them to a soda or ice cream once back in town. But beware it is very common that they will not be able to acompany travelers. Top

Cinquera-Civil war and eco tour
The neighboring town of Cinquera with its sub-tropical eco forest makes a good option to combine the history of the recent civil war and local wildlife while at the same time supporting a communal eco-tourism program that benefits many in the area. Our tour includes the park entrance fees ($3.00/person), cost of the local guide ($10.00), a simple lunch at the assocaitions eatery, transportation to and from Cinquera, a short tour of the plaza and church in Cinquera and a visit to an iguana farm. The tour lasts between 4 and 6 hours. A stop at the famous Los Tercios waterfall can be included on the return trip to Suchitoto. This tour is best done in the morning and don’t forget to bring your swim suit because inside the forest there is a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole, the swim is best after the hike up to the lookout….This tour cost $50/person with a minimum group of 3(Minimum cost of $150), we do offer discounts for groups of 5 or more. Top

Bilingual tours on the Guazapa Mountains
Gringo tours can arrange hikes, horseback rides and camping on the historic Guazapa Mountain. We provide complete bilingual guide to compliment the local guides that run tours out of the communities of El Sitio Zapotal and La Mora. Service includes transportation to and from community, bilingual guide and bottled water. Hikes with local guides start at $25 (groups of 1-5 and $5 for each additional person), horseback rides cost between $15-$30/person, lunch can be arranged on the mountain for $6/person(only available for groups of 4 or more), the above expenses are paid to local guides and are used to provide income to youths in each community. If you are fluent in Spanish, these tours can be done on your own and we would be happy to make your arrangements and provide details free of charge. We are the only tour company that provides this service free of charge or commissions from this communal eco tourist groups. If you would prefer and if your Spanish is limited we do provide for an additional $100-$125 fully bilingual guide service and transportation from and back to Suchitoto. We are your best option if you are not fully fluent in Spanish and you wish to learn how the civil war affected Suchitoto and El Salvador during the 70s and 80s. We will also teach you how local farmers work the land: The Guazapa mountain also offers plenty of diversity and it is common to see the local wildlife while learning about the many diferent species of trees and plants. The trails also offer some spectacular views from the historic Guazapa Mountains. Reservations for groups of 1 to 10 people must be made at least 24 hours in advance(more for larger groups). Tours last between 3 and 8 hours depending on route, distance. walking speed and meal options. If interested in Birding this route can be explored to see many local and migratory birds. Starting in May of 2017 the asociation now offers a Canopy/zip line tour and their own birding tours. Ask about pricing for these newer optionsTop

Full day tour in and around Suchitoto
If you want a full day tour in Suchitoto we recommend you combine the Lake Tour, City tour and Los Tercios waterfall. We offer this tour for a special discounted price of just $55/person with a minimum group of 3(Minimum cost of $165), we do offer discounts for groups of 5 or more. For $180 we offer the above tour and include a 2 - 2 1/5 hour birding outing in the late afternoon, this is a good choice for beginning birders or those that want to learn about El Salvador´s birds. Top

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Top Pupusas making Suchitoto city tour 
Lake tour and bird reserve Los Tercios  Birding Tours Cinquera  Exploring Guazapa Artisan trail  Cihuatan-La Palma- Chalatenango
The flower Trail Mayan ruins
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Birding tours in Suchitoto and other parts of El Salvador. Well this may seem unprofessional to some but I have always been honest in what I offer so I think it is important to tell you my story about how I became involved in birding in El Salvador.
Late in 2010 I was invited to a beginners birding course here in little Suchitoto, this was an effort sponsored by the Millennium Challenge Corporation a US fund invested to alleviate poverty in developing countries. El Salvador received in 2008 from the fund money to build a new northern highway connecting Guatemala with the Gulf of Fonseco, the majority of the money was used for the construction of this new highway, but some money was invested in efforts to improve production, quality of services (including tourism) and other infrastructure.
After the first session and after realizing that I literally have Collared Aracari’s, Motmot’s and flocks of Orange-fronted parakeets right in my back yard, well as you can imagine I was hooked, not only on birding but looking into birding tours as a new component for El Salvador’s budding tourism industry.
Since that first 3 day course on birding, I as well as some other local guides have participated in two more advanced birding courses and we now offer some birding options in and around Suchitoto and El Salvador. We do not consider ourselves in any means expert bird guides although now after 6 plus years our skills are more honed and we have been able to provide what I would consider professional birding tours.
The first two birding courses were financed by the MCC Fund but enthusiasm motivated many of the initial participants to locally sponsor the third course and we have worked as a group in an effort to continued to train ourselves as well as other local and communal guides in Suchitoto as well as in other parts of the country. We also have been tapping into the knowledge of two ex pats birders that live here and go out birding with them when ever possible.
The Salvadorian that taught the initial courses has been working with us in other parts of the country in our group effort to train local bird guides as well in an effort to insure income to local guides in areas of the country that offer very few other opportunities. Here at Gringo tours we are in complete agreement that local guides should always be used, independently of where in El Salvador we work. This in most cases increases our costs but we have found that the overall experience is much more rewarding to all involved.
Ok so what we offer: All tours are offered in English where in most cases I would be your guide working with the different local guides around the country. If you speak Spanish many of our tours can be arranged directly with local guides at a much lower costs. Prices for full day tours with car and bilingual driver guide will be similar to our other tours averaging $225/day for groups of 1 to 3. Half day tours with bilingual guide and transportation start at $150/day. For Spanish speaking local bird guides half day tours start as low as $30 and full day tours average around $50. These prices do not include driver or vehicle. Top

As we strive to gain experience and improve our equipment and birding skills, we are willing to barter for your old binoculars, telescopes, tripods, even for your expertise in teaching us how to be better birders and birding guides. Just let us know what you have to offer and give us your honest appraisal and we will see what we can do. We also accept donations of birding equipment(binos, field guides, scopes, tripods, etc.) to help us in several training and bird conservation courses we are organizing both in public schools as well as with local guides. Top

Birding Tours in and around Suchitoto
Suchitoto City, Parks, Hotels, and surrounding areas (various options).This is a hiking/walking tour which will start at your hotel. It can fill a day or be broken up into 2 sections each lasting from 2-4 hours. We recommend starting around 6:00 am
Lake tours by boat, to the Bird Island as well as other known birding hot spots on the lake average from 2-4 hours. Exact cost will depend on our final time on the lake and the cost paid to local boatmen. This tour is best done in the early am hours of the day.
Lake and river tours by car.
Option 1 Agua Caliente – Quesalapa River 2-4 hours car and foot
Option 2 Colima Natural Reserve (with local guide) 2-4 hours car and foot
Option 3 El Sitio Cenicero (with Local Guide) 2-4 hours car and foot
Option 4 Agua Caliente - Quesalapa river – Cinquera (with Local Guide) 4-6 hours car and foot
Option 5 Cinquera town and eco forest 4-6 hours car and foot
Option 6 Guazapa North Side low and high lands (with local guide) 4-6 hours car and foot
Option 7 Guazapa South Side low lands 2-4 hours car and foot

Birding Tours in other parts of El Salvador

Cerro Verde with Local Guide, all day tours can be combined with other activities like a visit to one or Mayan sites.
Barra de Santiago with Local Guide, all day tours can be combined with other activities or combined with half day in Cerro Verde and halfd day on the Barra de Santiago.
Impossible Park with Local Guide, all day tours can be combined with other activities but is best whem planned as an overnight trip staying at the Ecolodge near the entrance.
If interested in other areas of El Salvador just ask and we will see what we can arrange. Top

Important: If you happen to be a single traveler and feel our rates our more than you feel comfortable with just let us know, many times we can arrange birding outings with our local group in which case we would ask that you help us out with the expenses(vehicle if we need to rent one, gas if we use one of our vehicles, snacks and meals, entrance fees when necessary and a small tip to any local guides we might use, etc) for the outing. This can be very inexpensive if you are in Suchitoto and a bit more costly if we have to pick you up in the city.

Combining birding tours with other cultural tour options is also possible just call or write us for details and prices. Top


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Lake tour and bird reserve Los Tercios  Birding Tours Cinquera  Exploring Guazapa Artisan trail  Cihuatan-La Palma- Chalatenango
The flower Trail Mayan ruins
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Tours around El Salvador

Salvadoran Handicrafts
A full day tour with visits to San Sebastian to see the working looms, Ilobasco to see the Clay handicrafts and visit a new project to get troubled youth back into society, Tejutepeque for a nice lunch and short swim then returning to Suchitoto passing through Cinquera to see the park and church. This full day tour departs Suchitoto or San Salvador at 8:00 am and returns around 6:30 pm. The tour includes stops at two workshops/stores in San Sebastian; there we will see how fabrics are woven on the old working looms. Both shops sell the colorful hammocks, bedspreads, and table linen that are a trademark for El Salvador. After our visit to San Sebastian we head off to Ilobasco for a visit to some of the many handicraft stores in the center of the city, we will also visit to Project Moje(weekdays and saturdays until noon)where art and handicrafts are being used to change the lives of ex-gang members and teens at risk. After a chance to purchase handicrafts at Project Moje and other shops we will depart Ilobasco on a back road heading for the small town of Tejutepeque. In Tejute we will stop at Rancho La Rueda to have lunch at and a chance for a quick swim (lunch and pool not included in price of tour). After lunch and a short rest, we head back to Suchitoto enjoying the sunset and lake views we will have time for a short stop in Cinquera to see the bomb shells in front of the new church and stretch our legs. Top

Cihuatan-La Palma-El Pital/Miramundo/Las Pilas
On this tour we combine the archeological site in Cihuatan with the fresh mountain air and original handicrafts of the La Palma and upper Chalatenango. The tour leaves Suchitoto at 8:00 am first destination the Mayan ball court at Cihuatan just some 40 minutes from Suchitoto. After visiting the museum and seeing the site we will head for the mountain town of La Palma to visit an art gallery and see the many small handicraft stores and workshops that line the streets. Then off to Miramundo for lunch (not included in price of tour), fresh air and if we are lucky (a clear day) a spectacular view of El Salvador. Depending on time, energy and road conditions a side trip to Las Pilas or up to El Pital the highest point in the country can be arranged. Together we will plan the day to get the most out of this mountain adventure. Top

The flower trail-Ruta de Flores
We offer a full day tour of this mountainous coffee producing area, with visits to Nuahuizalco, Juayua, Apaneca, Concepcion de Ataco. Exact cities and activities will depend on each client’s needs and desires. Lunch at the food festival in Juayua, a canopy tour in Apaneca or just a walk around Laguna Verde, we can provide every option but you will have to decide on how much we can do in just one day. Gringo tours charges a flat rate of $350 for groups of 1 to 4, for larger groups please write or calls us for prices. Top

The Mayans
At Gringo tours, we offer a full day tour with visits to three archeological sites. We start the day off with a visit to Joya de Ceren sometimes referred to as the Pompeii of the Americas as this was a Mayan settlement that was covered by the ash fallout of a near by volcano. Here you see what everyday life was like for the Mayans some 1400 years ago. Our second stop will be the ruins at San Andreas which was abandoned around 420 A.D. around the same time that the volcano that later formed lake Ilopango erupted. Here small pyramids are seen as well as indigo processing tanks that were preserver by another volcanic eruption in 1658 leaving the complete site very well preserved. This is and active site with continued exploration below and around the existing structures. After a nice lunch (cost not included in price of tour) outside of San Juan Opico, we will head out to the Mayan ball court at Cihuatan, this is El Salvador’s most recent archeological discovery and was inhabited until around 1200 AD when conflicts of that period lead to the fall of Toltec empire throughout Mexico and Central America. Although El Salvador archeological sites are considered secondary to the larger sites like Copan and Tikal but they still provide a very particular insight into the past history of El Salvador and its indigenous people The Pipiles.
This tour can be done in any order and the sites of Tazumal and Casa Blanca can be included if Cihuatan is switched out. This tour is not available on Mondays or major holidays. Top

Our vehicle a 2005 Kia Sedona not new but in great shape and with super cold A/C front and back for those that need the extra comfort and nice smoothe ride and seatbelts in all seven seats. Top

For tours and Transportation for groups of 6 or more, we hire modern 12 seat vans or 22-29 seat Coaster/Country style buses with drivers. We can with advance notice arrange transprotation in Pullman type buses for groups of up to 50 pax Top

Transportation Services
Gringo Tours provides transportation service through out El Salvador for groups of any size. Rates for small groups to various destinations are listed here, if you need transportation for larger groups or other destinations feel free to contact us for current prices. Top


From or To To or from 1-5 persons 6-10 persons 11-22 persons
Airport Suchitoto $70.00 $100.00 $150.00
San Salvador Suchitoto $40-50 $60-70 $100.00
La Libertad Suchitoto $70.00 $100.00 $175.00
Ruta de Flores Suchitoto $130.00 $150.00 $200.00
Santa Ana Suchitoto $70.00 $100.00 $150.00
Perquin Suchitoto $200.00 $250.00 $280.00
Alegria Suchitoto $110.00 $135.00 $190.00
Cinquera Suchitoto $45.00 $75.00 $100.00
El Cuco Beach Suchitoto $175.00 $250.00 $280.00
Copan Ruins, Honduras Suchitoto $250.00 $300.00 $350.00
Antigua, Guatemala Suchitoto $250.00 $300.00 $350.00


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The flower Trail Mayan ruins
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For more information call locally (503) 7860-9435 or email to: rpbroz@gmail.com
If you are already in Suchitoto stop by our office/home. We are located behind the Centro Arte parala Paz on Octava Avenida Norte #9, The blue house!


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